Water is a Bodybuilder’s Greatest Asset to Muscles

Your body is mostly made up of water, so it is only reasonable to say that water helps bodybuilders get bigger muscles. But how does it all tie together? Well, your blood stream will deliver most, if not all of the necessary nutrients to your muscles when they are being used. If blood is thick, the blood won’t move to the muscles so well.


Blood is made up of 82% water. If you’re not drinking enough water to supply your entire daily routine and your workouts, then you’re on the verge of acute or chronic dehydration. Residing within the US, 75% of Americans suffer from acute or chronic dehydration. In a world that hates water, you can see the ramifications on the outside of the body.

Dehydrated people are usually either weighted, overweight, or unhealthily skinny. Muscles will find it very hard to live in an environment where they have to fight to get there minerals and nutrients. So therefore, in the absence of water, muscles are absent as well.

It is the golden rule to drink about a gallon of water per day. That’s 8 Ozarka bottles. You didn’t do good when you drank one bottle. You did good when you drank at least 8.

“Muscles are made primarily of water. Dehydration can prevent muscles from properly contracting, reducing muscle tone.Increasing water intake will help prevent muscle cramping, improve the strength of muscle contractions and quicken muscle response. Preventing dehydration will also help prevent sagging skin, since water will fill out the muscles, resulting in clear, healthy, and resilient skin.” –Bodybuilding.com Jeff Behar

To aid you in your journey of building muscles, keep your body stored up with ample water. Don’t starve your muscles and your efforts in the gym. I learned this valuable lesson from Tyler Marc‘s MyFitFreak.com

Some other things that water helps you with: Hair, Skin, Joints, Inflammation, Healthier teeth, bones, and water also helps aid a healthy digestive system.

For many people, men and women alike, healthy hair and skin is something that they long. Could it be that maybe they are not drinking enough water throughout the day? Possibly.

The same could be said for all these benefits. Are you suffering because you’re not getting enough water? Ask yourself this question. If the answer isn’t immediately “No,” then you should already be walking to get a bottle of water.

A big one in there, that may even out-benefit muscle building, is inflammation. Inflammation is practically the cause of every health concern out there. Whether it be that you can’t lose weight, you can’t gain weight, you can’t gain muscle, your can’t turn your fat store into muscle, whatever it is, there’s a good chance it stems from inflammation.

So, what to take away from this article? Drink water. Simple.